The Brown Desi is dedicated to chronicling South Asian experiences or experiences of people who interact with South Asians in various capacities.

Places have the ability to bring out several aspects in us because they touch us in ways unknown to us. Whether you move away from your country of origin or have been born or brought up away from your country of origin, there are always engagements with your country of origin. And these engagements are beyond just accents, they have a deep impact on us. It’s possible that you never understood your desi friend’s fear of calling professors by their names, or their obsession with cricket. Or you never understood how this person, raised in a different country has strong political feelings for an ideology they have never experienced or may be you got really offended when they wondered how you spoke good English!

We rarely discuss these experiences and we feel as if we are facing some things “alone” in this world. The blog endeavours to publish multiple experiences and perspectives so that no one, living in any part of the world feels like they are the only people going through a certain experience. You sharing your experience will help someone gain distance from their own experience, gather a different perspective and live life knowing that s/he is not alone. We are all there for each other, however far we are, and even if unknown to each other.

Perspectives, realizations, understandings, resolutions, prejudices – we have space for all that you feel and have felt. So share your experience and make a difference in someone’s life, in some part of the world!