Author: KARIM

Cathartic (adj.) - Emotionally purging, Strongly laxative. Thoughts like many things in life are good and bad. I see writing as an outlet for the good thoughts to flourish and the bad ones to be flushed out. So I guess writing for a public website is like pooping in the middle of an open field. If the stench gets too overbearing, please leave a comment :)

Where is the center?


Nothing seems to bring out the worst in people like Politics does and Politics can. Especially in the age of social networks with insta-punditry, insta-condemnation and insta-outrage, comments sections on social networks often resemble verbal battlegrounds with poorly constructed sentences, rushed judgments and ready vilification. Divisions are very clear and...

The Price I Pay for a ‘Better’ Life


Every year, a time comes when I have to decide whether to make that trip back home or not. “Do I have enough PTO for a long vacation?” “Do I have enough saved to pay for the small fortune that the airline company is quoting?” “What if the US consulate...