Author: Jyothi Shetty

Jyothi Shetty is a guest writer at The Brown Desi. In her optimum habitat, she would concoct meals and tales all day. She hopes to build a 'wordcatcher' and wishes to be buried in a book.

How I let my dream balloon fly away  


When we were kids, most of us had aspirations, some known and others; well a bit of a mystery. We inflated these balloons of dreams as we grew older each year. There was a ridiculous amount of energy that we possessed that got us to believe that our dreams are...

The H4 identity


A lot of effort has gone into making the word identity relevant, especially for a breed like mine. I remember pressing my thumbs and fingers very diligently at the immigration counter when I first set foot in the United States. I was ID’d. I was now in their records and...

Return flights, that call and life thereafter


Saying goodbye is always unpleasant. The mind and body entangle themselves in an incredulous manner. The heart aches. The 5 odd hours before the flight, the day to return to wherever it is now ‘home’. That entire day is dredged with “take care—call when you reach— save more—we are getting...

We belong together – NY and I!


Most of us wish to belong—to belong to a place, to feel belonged, to have belongings. The extents and desires may vary, but the need strongly brews within us. I was born and raised in the chaotic, colorful city of Bombay (I will still call it Bombay) in a strictly...