Author: Karan More

millennial parenting hardships

The hardships of being a millennial parent


I grew up on a farm in a place called Talegaon, a village in its truest sense. There were frequent power cuts, rodents, bugs and also I grew up with 3 other siblings in a joint family, so I had to fight for my right and place in the pecking...

Racism row – is Australia racist?  


  A country whose combined history is all of 300 years, Australia is often referred to as a young country that is just getting out of the shadows of being part of the British Commonwealth. God Save the Queen! Moving to Australia in 1999, oblivious to complex issues such as...

I know who I am, not quite where I am from


The year was 1999 and everyone was eagerly awaiting the Y2K bug to see if it disrupted everyone’s lives… It was clearly a non-event, event. Something else happened that year, I arrived in Australia as an 18 year old not knowing what to expect in a foreign country, first time away...