Author: Megha Subramanian

Teller of Tall Tales - in dance, writing and images!

The Train’veling’ Stories – Revealing cultures


Photo by: Tadeau-Jnr The public transport system obviously reveals a lot about the city. Los Angeles has a terrible public transport system, almost non-existent. People who live there are also insulated, and try hard to be forthcoming. NY and Chicago on the other hand have well-connected public transport systems, and...

Nine reasons to learn Indian classical dance !


Here are NINE compelling reasons for learning Indian classical dance immediately: 1. You wish you were more patient. We all seek instant gratification because we live in the age of technology and speed. But that hasn’t changed the way life is – you still need to wait for your job, for...

Holi Haigh!


As I stare out of the balcony on a snowy, wet morning in Toronto and wish people here and back in India, a naughty smile takes over my face, bubbling with memories of this festival. There are several festivals in India, but this is the only one which embodies a...

Many faces of English


It was not until 2007, the year that I landed in the US, that I was forced to say that English wasn’t my first language. The view held was that I am not a native English speaker. I was appalled at that because from the moment I was capable of...

How I understood the meaning of family


Family – we are born into it. It gives us a sense of belonging and security. That’s what the institution of family dictates. But each family has its own drawbacks driven by societal norms at that point in time, so did mine. My understanding of a family was limited to...