Author: Anita Balakrishna

pure life Pura Vida

Pura Vida – The Pure Life


According to the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica is the happiest place on Earth. A tiny country with a population of about 4.9 million, Costa Rica is sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America. I had the opportunity to visit this magical place last week and spent 5 days...

newfoundland and earth lessons in grounding

Newfoundland and its lessons in grounding


What is it about the natural landscape of our earth that opens us up, grounds us and then brings us back to ourselves? When we pay attention to waves slowly making their way into the shore, cliffs soaring over vast sea, emerald green trees surrounding us on all sides, the...

The difficulty in meditation and mindfulness

The difficulty with meditation and mindfulness practice


Pic Courtesy: Kalamkari artists featured in Lately, I have been reflecting a great deal about meditation.  Over the past 15 years, I have had a relatively regular but constantly shifting meditation practice, but in the past few weeks, I have had a slew of extremely frustrating and challenging moments...

How does one become a Karma Yogi? Find out here


My friends are karma yogis. This past weekend, they helped me to move from one home into another, knowing that I felt that I was in a state of disarray and chaos, understanding that my heart was experiencing much sadness and grief, confident that their support would help light a...

Find the key in your heart!


Several years ago I gradually started to pay attention; pay attention to the sounds and movement in that tiny room in my heart that was starting to reconstruct, to decorate its walls, and to invite me to enter. This special and sacred room that had always existed from the beginning...

How to do dishes like a Yogi


Wellness isn’t something that happens on its own. Wellness is something that takes practice. It must be cultivated and nurtured. How many of us have planted a bean seed, or tried to grow a flower only to realize that we were unable to create the circumstances for it to thrive...