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Indian education girls STEM

Indian education better for women choosing STEM careers?


Growing up I went to a co-educational school. My parents’ choice of putting me into a co-educational school was met with scorn (mind you this was the early 90’s, where girls were expected to go an all girls school). A lot of “well-wishers” assured my parents that I would grow...

Not okay cupid

How does Okay cupid become not okay in matchmaking?


Going through TIME magazine’s list of ‘100 most influential people in the world’ is one of my favorite past times. One person featured in the 2013 list caught my eye – Sam Yagan one of the co-founders of the dating website OK Cupid. A note below his name stated that...

gender role in classroom

What gendered classrooms taught a teacher


It was one of those sweltering afternoons in Bangalore and I was at my wits end. I felt helpless and I had no idea what I could do. The noise would not abate and my voice had gone hoarse from all the shouting. I just remembered that the last meal...

six reasons to not date me!


I recently read a brilliant article on Buzzfeed, which talks about 24 signs why dating isn’t for you. I can totally relate to this article because that’s exactly how I feel about dating. Dating/ Romance happens to be a skill missing from my repertoire of social skills. I cannot date/ romance to save...

First world problems


Pic Courtesy: Sometimes I catch a virus called First World Problems or FWP for short. Given below is a short summary of the FWP disease. Definition: First world problem virus is endemic to the well-endowed class. This virus usually makes people forget the big picture and helps them focus...

Top 10 questions asked to a girl who has lost her NRI status


Pic courtesy: I decided to move back to India in 2014 after five long years in the United States. Now that I am back to my homeland for good, I am subjected to various questions from relatives, family, friends and acquaintances. I can understand that they are curious and...

What happens when you step out of your comfort zone


I was sitting on the sand dunes of Will Rogers state beach, sipping on a calorie laden chocolate milkshake from Mc Donalds and checking out the beautiful colors of the sunset. It seemed so blissful and relaxing. All of a sudden I could hear some cacophonous sounds that was messing...