Ayurveda or Allopathy?

In this day and age where life style diseases are rampant, it becomes important to take care of one’s health regularly. But which system of medicine should one follow? There are several, but this article focuses on the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Allopathy is a quick-fix medicine, which one should adopt when the condition is serious and it needs an immediate fix but Ayurveda should be adopted when one wants to cure the condition with time. A lot of  Indian systems are connected with the soul or spirit, the mind and the physical body. Take yoga or Indian classical dances or music or Ayurveda – the trinity of being is always addressed.

The system in that sense is wholistic, because it looks at the individual as a part of the universe, affected by nature – forces outside and within one’s self. Hence Ayurveda as a system of medicine can cure a lot of diseases over time. Allopathy on the other hand, hands out fixes for symptoms and keeps the individual glued to the medicine for extended periods of time.

Here’s a video on how Ayurveda deals with cancer:

It’s also interesting to note that life style diseases have a cure in Ayurveda, because it of course deals with it at an individual level. There isn’t a universal fix for all, because each individual’s mind, body and spirit relationship is different. Ayurveda uses medicinal properties of plants and other natural elements to cure problems. It is said that we only know of a few of the medicinal properties and the others still have to be explored.

In some of the ancient texts it is written that in the past Ayurvedic doctors spent a lot of time with nature, talking to plants and other elements and allowed nature to “show” them their medicinal properties. Of course, diagnosis in Ayurveda comes after a lot of experience because it involves discovering the patient’s physical and emotional state by studying the pulse. Even today experienced practitioners can list the food a patient has eaten in every meal.

As we have progressed in to the Western system of medicine which is far moved from nature, it seems difficult for most of us to understand a system that is closely linked with nature. Here’s another video that looks at the system:

So instead of looking down on a system of medicine; it might be better to say that for quick fixes one can adopt Allopathy briefly and then look at Ayurveda for permanent solutions. Of course even in Ayurveda a lot depends on the practitioner and their dedication to the system of medicine. But for the long run, looks like Ayurveda it is!

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