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This multi-talented desi is redefining success!

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The first thing that strikes about Sunny Moza is his stark lack of American accent in his English – “What, how come, after so many years?”, I ask. “That was a conscious decision,” He says, “I speak fluent Hindi, Kashmiri, and Punjabi, and after I moved here, I made sure that...

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This musician transcends racial norms with his music


Sundar Viswanathan, born in a South Indian family, is an accomplished Saxophone player, who explores the merging of notes in Hindustani and Western music. His journey into this musical exploration was ridden with various obstacles and one of them was of race. When his father moved to Northern Ontario in...

Singapore to Mumbai: traveling with smiles!


In today’s world where most of us are ridden with insecurities, Rohini has not only risen beyond that but continues to spread positivity and happiness everywhere she goes! She first rocked Singapore and now is back in Mumbai spreading her “Nasha” with her breakfast show on Radio Nasha at 91.9FM....

Ayurveda or Allopathy?


In this day and age where life style diseases are rampant, it becomes important to take care of one’s health regularly. But which system of medicine should one follow? There are several, but this article focuses on the Ayurvedic system of medicine. Allopathy is a quick-fix medicine, which one should...

Why are we South Asians still into arranged marriages?


Arranged marriages and South Asian culture are quite synonymous with each other. Here a couple of videos of Indian and Pakistani non-residents, choosing to have an arranged marriage, while reviewing its positives and negatives. The two videos in this post give context to the concept of arranged marriages. If one...

Are you manly enough?


“Being a man” is quite a universal notion that emphasizes on certain ‘masculine’ traits. Here is an interesting discussion between British Asian men who try to understand the idea of Asian masculinity with which they have grown up. It is not uncommon to see a man in South Asia being...

A daughter named “India”


India’s philosophy is very beautiful if we dig deep. We have all the religions in the world there. Every few kilometres our food, language, and even attires change. We have so much diversity, that if we ever want to become our best selves, it should be there. But as sometimes,...

The Immigrant Vacuum


Something stirred in me when I saw this image posted on Facebook. The sculpture is so powerful, that it depicts exactly how a lot of us feel. In India (single) In the US as a student (single) In Canada (double and new immigrant) Wake up to noises of traffic, TV,...

Go back, you don’t belong here!


When can someone say, “You don’t belong here”? In fact can someone say that to another person at all? This fear is always there in the inhabitants’ minds when a prosperous geographical location welcomes new residents. There are several questions that arise, “Will these new people take our jobs?” “Will...

Desi Tribute to Eminem


Indian ragas are quite complicated and require years of training before ears can decipher the kind of raga being rendered. It is quite uncommon nowadays to see youngsters flocking to a Carnatic or a Hindustani music concert because it does not appeal to the pop western-influenced audiences. Even for a...