Author: Tarik Zia

Tarik Zia is a former Pakistani journalist who worked in national newspapers, television and magazines. He now lives in the USA.

Kashmir, Punjab, India, Pakistan

Kashmir – Someone’s got to buy it!

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I read the word Kashmir for the first time in my life when I was a teen and it made me laugh. In the small town of Punjab where I grew up there was a small grocery store in my neighborhood, right at the corner of the street. The owner...

Why do South Asian men have a problem calling themselves feminists?


It’s our ritual to meet up once a month over a drink-cum-discussion kind of scenario. The issues come under discussion range from society to individual insights. Our group of friends consists of people with diverse backgrounds; some are moderate liberals, few consider themselves socialists, others found nirvana in atheism, and...

How sexist is Urdu?


The exploration started with an innocent question (…really?). Is there any equivalent word for prostitute when referring to a man in Urdu or in Punjabi? No need to mention that the question hasn’t received its deserving consideration, except a sheepish smile. Never mind, let’s look at it the other way...

How do we create confused desis?


For many young immigrants, it is an overwhelming experience of living simultaneously in two opposite cultures; therefore, it affects them particularly when they are on the crossroads of choosing life style between their heritage and American culture. In many cases, it leads them to a conflicting situation while making future...