See why this brown bear from Pakistan is breaking the internet


It’s not uncommon to see cattle being hoarded in trucks to take them to different places. We (third world people) are just amazing in terms of possibilities because there aren’t rules for a lot of things and bearing difficulties are common.

When I returned to India after being the US for a while, when I saw people carrying buffaloes in a truck, I felt bad for the animals in it (First world mind-set). But soon I saw ten people in an auto-rickshaw in a small town, unknown people squeezing and sitting on each other’s laps, because it is cheaper to travel that way. They don’t really mind the inconvenience, in fact ‘inconvenience’ is not even in their dictionary. Remember the famous Indian Fevicol ad with several people ‘sticking’ to a vehicle?

Now I see something similar in Pakistan:

How did this bear even get in to the cab? I am amazed at how we manage such things! We sit for six-seven hours at a stretch with people on our laps while crossing mountainous terrains. How do we do it? That bear looks quite used to such travels. It’s like a dog peeking out of the car during its travel in a car, but this bear seems to be staring out from a vehicle half its size perhaps.

From their conversation, it seems like the bear lives with them. It’s just mind-blowing, imagine a bear living with you! How did they even tame it, probably got it when it was a cub. I won’t even get into the wild life part of it, because people in the third world do a lot of things just for survival. I guess endangering wildlife is not on their minds, when the question is of survival.

I am not sure what this bear is used for, but from the information I read, a lot of them are part of some circus troupe and they dance! Where should we draw the line – it’s a tough question to answer, but for now the amazement of a myriad possibilities in the developing countries just overwhelms me. On another thought, I would have totally believed this to be India or Bangladesh even, wouldn’t you?

Desiness personified!